Professional Development with ReMo

ReMo was founded by Michelle DeBlois, a 16-year educator in Maine public schools across grades K-12. Michelle left the classroom to effect greater change in education, and she loves to deliver professional development training and presentations that empower schools’ strengths-based approaches to independent reading.

Michelle has earned a Masters of Literacy Education and has professional certifications in Maine as Library/Media Specialist for Grades K-12, Literacy Specialist for Grades K-12, Gifted/Talented for Grades K-12, and General Elementary Grades K-8. She also enjoys volunteering on the boards of literacy education-based groups, including the Maine Student Book Award (MSBA) and Maine Council for English Language Arts (MCELA). 

Whether you currently use ReMo or are just curious, we invite you to connect with us if you’re interested in bringing our professional development workshops to your school. Our topics include:

  • The Reader Purpose Continuum - explore the seven reading purposes and understand how to support students at each one.
  • The Reader Journey - understand how students use their reading data to shape their future reading decisions and their view of themselves as readers.
  • The Educator Journey - explore how to turn reading data into meaningful interactions with students that build relationships and encourage more reading.
  • The Book Journey - learn how each book has its own identity, and how your library is an extension of your reading community. 
  • The Just-Right Book - learn how to identify reader identity and book identity, and explore strategies to match those two identities to help students find the “just-right” books for independent reading.
  • The Reading Conference - evaluate current reading conference practices and hone your strategies for providing targeted feedback, leveraging real-time data and goal-setting while building strong relationships with each of your readers.

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