How ReMo Works

ReMo provides a solution to educators who want to support their students, but often lack the resources or tools to do so. ReMo helps educators and students feel uplifted by the power of reading, instead of being overwhelmed by the process of it.


  • See their own reading data in a visually-appealing display - promotes self-efficacy, helps students understand their reading habits and preferences, and supports students in building their reading identities.
  • Set their own reading goals and track progress - promotes agency, motivates students to read more, and celebrates growth.
  • Make more informed book choices - by understanding their reading data and searching for books cataloged in ReMo, students can find the books that are most relevant and engaging to them.



  • See the reading materials that are available - an easier way to understand what texts that you have in your own classroom library and throughout the school.
  • Know who your students are as readers, not simply whether they are/are not reading - discover your students’ mindsets and attitudes toward reading (and how those may change), reading goals, and book choices. ReMo’s longitudinal data helps you build deeper knowledge of students’ reading habits and experiences.
  • Easily share information with interventionists, special education teachers, gifted & talented teachers, and librarians without the need for a meeting - when everyone has the same data, they can work together to meet students’ needs.


  • Access consistent, comparable longitudinal data - ReMo is a reliable source of qualitative and quantitative reading data, unlike assessments that can change from year to year. We collect data from both students and educators.
  • Centralize high-quality data to use as evidence for RTI/MTSS and other interventions - ReMo’s collects meaningful qualitative and quantitative data that can be grouped for individuals, classrooms, and teams and used in decision-making for different levels of support.

Ready to bring ReMo into your classroom?