"I'm not a reader."

How discouraging – and heartbreaking – is it to hear a student label themselves as a nonreader? Once adopted, it can be difficult to break this self-perception, and it makes literacy instruction near impossible because students don’t think they can become readers. 

The conventional model of literacy instruction doesn’t make room for different pathways to become a reader – if a student doesn’t fit the narrow definition of “reader”, they are pushed to the bottom of the bell curve. 

And that's really frustrating for educators who want to support all students and believe that all students can become readers.



So instead of this:

One Book, One Lesson Plan, One Group

ReMo empowers you to do this:

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The difference lies in celebrating variability...

ReMo offers choice, personalized check-ins, and data to help students shape their reading identity and see themselves becoming readers in real-time and over time.

...and making it easy to do so.

ReMo isn’t a new curriculum, program, nor a new assessment. It’s a tool to help students become readers within the program that works best for you with the resources you have available.

You and your students will get better, more meaningful data about how students are developing their reader identities.

Because when students have agency over their reading journeys in a strengths-based environment, they build positive habits of reading that transform them into lifelong readers.


How will my day-to-day be different?

  • No more back pain (and a happier forest!). With ReMo, you won’t need to lug home all those paper reading logs. Your students can track their reading experiences in ReMo anytime, anywhere.
  • Evenings spent reading for pleasure, not work. Instead of analyzing dozens of reading logs after hours, you can get a real-time snapshot of your students’ reading data with just a click.
  • A library you know like the back of your hand. ReMo’s book data goes beyond reading level to encompass genre, literary elements & devices, text structures & features, and more. When you use book data in conjunction with ReMo’s student survey data, you’ll be able to find an available book (even if it’s in a classroom across the hall) that is just right for each reader. No library check-out spreadsheets required.  
  • 1-minute prep for independent reading conferences. Use ReMo to review students’ reading rates, reading responses, and how they feel about themselves as a reader, and log your conference notes in ReMo for easy reference.You and your students will also have access to all of the takeaways from your conference so you can pick up where you left off with each student.
  • Fewer “this could have been an email” meetings. Easily share student reading data with interventionists, edtechs, literacy/instructional coaches, special education teachers, and gifted & talented teachers. 
  • More time to connect with students over the joy of reading. This is the best part! Since all of this information is at your fingertips in real-time, you can spend your time building relationships with your students around reading and building your reading community. You might even have time to read for yourself!

Want to see how ReMo works?