Getting Started with ReMo

What is ReMo and how does it work?

ReMo is a web-based app that manages and organizes information on the books you use in the classroom and the readers you have in your classroom. ReMo helps educators keep track of their libraries of reading materials and stay informed about their students’ reading progress. To learn more about what ReMo can do, visit our features page

Can I read my books through the ReMo app?

No. ReMo is not an e-reader, and it doesn’t store the content of books. ReMo stores information about the books you own — such as general book information like synopsis, number of pages, title, authors, series, etc. But, ReMo also has specific educator information about books, like genres, literary elements & devices, text structures & features, content warnings — to more easily organize your library and find the “just right” book for your students. 

Do I need to be an educator to use ReMo?

Yes. Currently, ReMo is only available for educators. Students who use ReMo will receive their login information from their teacher. We hope to offer options for parents and homeschoolers in the future. 

Does ReMo work on all devices?

ReMo can be accessed on various devices, including your phone. However, it works best on a desktop using Google Chrome.

Is ReMo an app for my smartphone?

No. ReMo is a web-based application, but it can be accessed through your phone’s browser. 

Do I need to download ReMo?

No. ReMo is a cloud based software, so all your information is securely stored remotely. 

In what countries can I use ReMo?

ReMo is only available in the United States. 

Does ReMo have small-group or whole-group reading too?

At this point in our development, ReMo is an independent reading application. 

Is ReMo for Content Literacy or Discipline Literacy Educators?

ReMo is for any educator; however, we have tailored the application to general literacy teachers for now.

Using ReMo

How can I reset my password?

Go to the app login page and click on forgot password link

I signed up for ReMo and lost or never received my login information. What should I do?

Go to the app login page and click on forgot password link

How do I enter my classroom books?

You can review our detailed Book Entering Guide

What is the difference between the Level of Student and the Type of Student in my Classes?

The Level of Student is based on a student’s grade-level achievement. The Type of Student is based on a student’s growth and grade-level achievement.