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Less time managing reading data, more time educating students

As a literacy educator, you juggle countless reading logs, assignments, assessments and spreadsheets each year. Add to that the hundred (if not thousands) of books in your library, and your job can seem more data manager than educator.

Teacher with Student

ReMo changes that. You and your students can log reading online, at any time, giving you unprecedented insights into students’ progress. Organize your own libraries of print and digital media so that you can find just the right text to read or recommend to students. ReMo even creates a custom digital bookshelf for each user that helps organize past, current and future reading materials.

ReMo not only encompasses each student’s reading journey, but yours as well. As an educator, you can see your own reading and that of every student in your class to create a shared reading experience. It even supports other programs you may be using — like ReadyGen.

With ReMo, you and your students can finally feel uplifted by the power of reading, instead of being overwhelmed by the process of it.

Built by literacy educators, for literacy educators.

ReMo was designed by educators who, like you, face numerous challenges in teaching independent reading. ReMo’s intuitive and powerful features solve these issues and allow you to focus on what you do best — teaching.

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Don’t you wish you could find the perfect book for a student? With ReMo, you can spend time recommending and sharing the perfect books — instead of searching for them. There’s no more sign-out sheets, spreadsheets or wondering where your books are. The hassles of organizing, tracking and searching for your books disappear.

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Keep track of how your students are doing inside of your classroom and out. Not only can you organize students by group, level and type, you can even receive alerts through reading rates when a student needs help or has abandoned a book.

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Independent reading is extremely valuable, but can be challenging to sustain and manage. ReMo handles the tedious tasks — tracking progress, reporting progress, logging reading rates — freeing you and your students to focus on the joy of reading.

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Educator Tools

Searching for reading material that supports your lesson? ReMo pairs data about your books with insights on your students, allowing you to know them better over time and better customize your teaching approach.

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