There’s nothing better than the joy of watching a student become a reader.

But couldn’t it be easier ?

Are all those library sign-out sheets, missing reading logs, and hours-long searches for book recommendations really necessary, or do they actually detract from your purpose?

What if you could spend less time on managing data, and more time on empowering students and fostering a love of reading?

Less time managing data, more time empowering readers.

ReMo cares about who your students are – their identities, their reading goals, and their own reading journeys. This means we can give you better insights on who they are as readers (and how they got to where they are) by leveraging qualitative and quantitative data over time. 

Designed for grades 4-12+, ReMo is a web-based application for educators and students that provides unparalleled insight into each student’s reading journey and each classroom’s library. 

By offering more meaningful data in a streamlined way, ReMo helps students identify and engage with just-right books, and frees educators to focus on building relationships and supporting students along their reading journeys.

ReMo App Student

Built by educators, for educators
“This application has allowed me to really “own” my classroom library and connect with every book. I can now “sell” my books to my students and get them excited about books and reading. And no more reading journals to carry home! Supporting students' reading is now at the tip of my fingers.” Sonia Pelletier, Special Services at Spruce Mountain Middle School, ME