Apply for Annual School Sponsorship

Core Values-1

Equity is one of ReMo’s six core values, and we are committed to leveraging our resources to support the educators and students who share our values but are financially restricted from accessing our platform.

That’s why ReMo offers a Sponsored Annual School Subscription. We’ve designed this as a collaborative opportunity: as a school, you will gain full access to ReMo for one school year at no cost and agree to use it consistently in your classrooms and provide regular feedback to ReMo. We care deeply about community and connection; this Sponsored Annual School Subscription not only supports your school but also strengthens our entire community through the learnings we gain from your feedback.

We invite you to review the goals, eligibility, and responsibilities of the Sponsored Annual School Sponsorship below. If it is a good fit, you may apply at any time before July 31, 2024. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis up until July 31, 2024 and funding may be exhausted before this deadline. You will be notified of our decision within two weeks of submitting an application.

Goal: To support educators’ efforts to collect meaningful, strengths-based data on students’ independent reading and to foster connections with students over reading. After one school year, educators will have the data and experience to advocate for ReMo as an effective tool to school administrators.


  • A Maine-based school with grades 4-12 that schedules regular time for independent reading in their classrooms. 
  • Educators that value student agency and independent reading, and promote a strengths-based environment. 
  • The Sponsored Annual School Subscription is available once per school, and no more than 1 school may be granted the Sponsored Annual School Subscription in one school year. 
  • The subscription must only be used for registered students and employed educators at the school listed on the application.

School Responsibilities:

  • Create a formal plan for the usage of ReMo that contains the following:
    • A consistent schedule for independent reading time (at least once per week) throughout the school year and use ReMo during all independent reading time.
    • A professional development schedule for the onboarding and support of ReMo throughout the school year for educators and students.
    • A schedule for the advanced usage of ReMo as the school year progresses, so that educators and students gradually take advantage of more features of ReMo.
  • Provide an export .MARC  or .csv file of all of the school’s library books so they can be imported into your school’s ReMo account.
  • Provide regular feedback to ReMo (at least once per quarter), featuring both educator and student perspectives. Feedback may be used on ReMo’s website or social media, and will be cleared with you prior to publication.
  • Assign a designated liaison that can maintain regular communication between ReMo and school staff and students.